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Tutorial: Create a ‘Points of Interest’ Image for your App

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The Locly Native platform offers a number of image based card types to add engaging interactivity to your iOS and Android app. One of the most popular is the ‘Points of Interest’ card.  Here’s a quick tutorial how you can create one using the Locly Native online CMS – all you need is a Locly account or demo app login, the Locly Native preview app (free download on Play and AppStore) on your device, and an image. 1. Create your Card Click on ‘Add Card’ and select ‘Points of Interest’.  Give your card…read more

Locly Native Tutorial: Linking App Content to Beacon Devices

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In this video we show you how to associate content in your Locly Native app to physical beacon devices. This example uses a Locly beacon, but you can easily use other beacon devices such as Estimote or Kontact.io, and shows you how to (1) display app content in a particular order and (2) trigger a notification. 1. Ordering Content The simplest use of beacons is to order content by proximity. By assigning each collection/card to a beacon, your content will automatically be shown to the user in order of proximity, with the nearest to the user’s device at the top of the list.  This…read more

6 Easy Steps to a React Native Proximity App

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Locly Native is a simple, easy to use platform for creating location aware, content-based apps for Android and iOS smart phones and tables.  All app creation and editing is done via our simple web screens – which is sort of like WordPress – along with real-time previewing on any mobile device using the free Locly Native app.  The platform is packed full of great interactive features, such as maps, POI images, photo galleries, tappable 360 panoramas and notifications to name but a few, and we’ve tried to make this process as…read more

New Feature: Introducing ‘Bookmarks’ for your Locly Native app

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New to Locly Native this week is ‘Bookmarks’.  This feature lets users to save their favourite cards and collections in your app and refer back to them at anytime. Requested by many Locly Native users, we hope this new feature will be useful for most app projects – especially those with a lot of content. Adding the new Bookmarks feature to your app couldn’t be easier and here’s how you do it in 2 simple steps: 1. Add a Bookmark icon Go to any Collection or Card and look for ‘Show Bookmark Tool’ in the top-right hand…read more

Tutorial: Creating a Custom Selfie Card for your Proximity App

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Getting users to have fun and share their experiences whilst using your app is top priority, and we hope our new ‘Selfie’ card for Locly Native will help you achieve this.  You can create the card yourself quickly and simply using the online CMS – all you need is a demo app login  and a bit of imagination! Here’s a quick tutorial on how to add a Selfie card to your app: Creating your image: You can use Photoshop or similar tool to create your images, saved as a transparent png. Or, there are…read more

Tutorial: 360° Panorama Card with Tappable Points of Interest

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360° Panorama with Points of Interest is a great new feature we’ve added to the Locly Native standard app template.  The feature is perfect for highlighting areas on your panorama and linking to the relevant Collections and Cards in your app. Here’s a quick tutorial how you can create one using the Locly Native online CMS – all you need is a Locly account or demo app login, and a panorama image. Note: You will see some Json code on the screen but there’s no coding involved, just some copy/pasting! Taking Panorama Photos: We use the Richo…read more

Tutorial: Create Before & After images for your mobile app

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Before & After images, where you swipe a finger across the app screen to blend between two images, can be a simple yet very effective addition to your proximity mobile app. Commonly used by Locly users to illustrate how an object or place has changed over time, these images can be used in almost any instance to show contrast and/or transformation. This quick tutorial shows you how you can easily add a Before & After image card to your app: Step 1: Creating the Before & After card Login to your Locly Native App Builder Desktop…read more

Place a beacon on an expert to encourage visitor interaction

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It’s a common assumption that beacons need to be stationery for their signal to be picked up by a mobile app. But this isn’t always the case. They can also be placed on moving things such as buses and cars……and also people!  With the help of a very basic mobile app you can use beacons to encourage interaction between people who are in the same place at the same time. For example, in a museum or event it can help make staff more approachable to visitors, encouraging them to chat…read more

Getting Started with iBeacon Part 5: Creating a Simple Treasure Hunt

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In Part 5 of our Getting Started guide we show you how you can create a simple treasure hunt using the locly app and three physical iBeacon devices. So after following the steps described in Part 1 of this tutorial series, here’s what you need to do: 1. Setting up your places and cards: In the app tap on ‘Create New Project‘ Create your first place in your new project. This should contain the first clue and be instructional on what to do. To make sure users can always see…read more