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Top 10 Questions on Beacons & iBeacon

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Having just spent a brilliant week at a technology trade show (ISTE 2015) demonstrating beacons to educators, app builders, software vendors, business owners, bloggers, etc… we thought we’d put together a summary of the most frequently asked questions at our booth. So here, in no particular order, are our Top 10 Questions about beacons & iBeacon: 1. How do beacons work and what is iBeacon? Beacons are typically small battery powered devices that continually send out a Bluetooth signal which is picked up by an app on a nearby mobile…read more

EdTech Guest Blog: The Possibilities of iBeacon

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We are delighted to feature this inspiring insight into iBeacon use in education by Aisling Brown. Aisling is a part-time Ph.D candidate in the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge, and currently works with the Stephen Perse Foundation to design, develop and implement innovative digital education tools, including as iTunes U and iBeacon. @AislingBrown2 Beacons are brilliant. I’ve said this before. But the new updates and physical hardware are absolutely phenomenal. Previously, beacons could ping content to a device automatically dependent on location, so you walk into a classroom…read more