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Tutorial: Creating a Custom Selfie Card for your Proximity App

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Getting users to have fun and share their experiences whilst using your app is top priority, and we hope our new ‘Selfie’ card for Locly Native will help you achieve this.  You can create the card yourself quickly and simply using the online CMS – all you need is a demo app login  and a bit of imagination! Here’s a quick tutorial on how to add a Selfie card to your app: Creating your image: You can use Photoshop or similar tool to create your images, saved as a transparent png. Or, there are…read more

Tutorial: 360° Panorama Card with Tappable Points of Interest

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360° Panorama with Points of Interest is a great new feature we’ve added to the Locly Native standard app template.  The feature is perfect for highlighting areas on your panorama and linking to the relevant Collections and Cards in your app. Here’s a quick tutorial how you can create one using the Locly Native online CMS – all you need is a Locly account or demo app login, and a panorama image. Note: You will see some Json code on the screen but there’s no coding involved, just some copy/pasting! Taking Panorama Photos: We use the Richo…read more

10 Great New Features for your Locly Native Proximity App

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We are delighted to announce a bumper release of the Locly Native app and platform this week, which includes some new functionality that will help make your React Native proximity/location app even more awesome than before!  So without further ado, lets take a look at some of the fantastic features now included in our standard app template: 1. Full Screen Images You can now tap on any image in a card to go full screen. The user can then pinch and zoom to look at the image more closely, which is…read more