Make a teacher’s iPad a beacon

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We’re having an amazing time at the Bett Show 2015 this week discussing and demo-ing iBeacon technology for education. We’ve discussed everything; from using iBeacon for student registration and building access, to creating extended classroom partnerships with local museums and controlling Raspberry Pi connected things through nearby beacons…. and the applications just keep on coming, showing that the potential in education is huge!

The response to the locly iBeacon publishing platform has been fantastic and educators love our easy-to-use app. One app feature that is being particularly well received is the ‘transmit beacon’ function, which can be used to turn any iPad or iPhone into a beacon in just a few taps – see the video above.  This can be used to transmit lesson content from one iPad (e.g. teachers) to all other iPads that are nearby, without the need for codes.  You can transmit to an individual right next to you, to a group around a table, or to the whole classroom. It seems that everyone understands how this can save time.

Thanks also to our friends at Stormfront (Apple Solutions Experts for Education) for showcasing locly on stand F81, including the mini iBeacon treasure hunt!

Read this blog to find out how you can make your device a beacon – no devices required apart from your own iPad or iPhone.