New Locly Platform Release: More Great Features for iBeacon!

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The Locly development team have been very busy working flat out to make creating and sharing great content using iBeacon even easier. So whether you want to automatically play background audio when nearby a beacon, or set up groups for private content editing and sharing via beacons, there’s lots of new features for you to explore with the latest version of Locly online and Locly app. Here are just a few of them:

Video card type

A new card type for video provides a better video experience for users.  Select ‘autoplay’ and the video will be played automatically full screen when the card is opened.

New video card feature

New audio functions

In-pocket autoplay and background audio on projects
In response to popular demand we’ve added some great new features for audio. As well as a new audio card type you can now select ‘autoplay’ so that the audio cards will play automatically when nearby a beacon – even when the device is in the users pocket, which is perfect for audio tours.  You can also now upload an audio file which will start playing in the background as soon as a project is opened in the app.

New audio card feature

Full permission support for beacon content

We’re delighted to present our powerful new Locly Organisations feature which enables you to setup multiple editors for content and also configure who sees what and where.  Perfect for use in business venues, schools and events, Locly Organisations lets you easily add users, create groups and control admin/editing/visibility permissions for your beacons. Set up your users and groups under the new ‘Organisations’ tab and then configure admin/visibility rights under the ‘Permissions’ section on both ‘Projects’ and ‘Places’ pages.

New Locly Organisations featureNew Permissions features on projects and places

Login with Google and integrate existing Google groups

You can now login using your Google username and password! You can also integrate with Google e.g. Google Apps for Education and transfer all your existing group settings so that you don’t need to duplicate it in Locly Organisations.

New Google Integration feature

Get notifications on Apple Watch

All Locly beacon notifications automatically appear on the Apple Watch, out-of-the-box, with no app required!

Get beacon notifications on Apple Watch

New in-app content editing functions

The Locly app has had a bit of a facelift too!  With additional shiny icons and lots of new features, we’ve made it even easier for you to add and edit content direct from the Locly app.  With one tap you can now quickly add a place and a card – perfect for on-the-fly content creation.  You can also long-press on any card to bring up new editing functions.


Background app content download

We’ve added two new useful download features.  All app content is now downloaded in the background, so there’s no more waiting for all content to be loaded before it can be seen.  Also, there is now a ‘Cache’ quick link so that you can download a project in its entirety for offline use.

download beacon content for offline use

Custom App Builder

Follow the step-by-step wizard to create your own branded version of the Locly app for the Apple App Store.  Upload your own app icon, splash screens, background colours and other assets to reflect your project or organisation.  Then click on the ‘Build App’ button to wrap it up into your own app ready for submission.  Surely the easiest and most cost-effective way of creating your very own iBeacon app.


Preview your content

Yup, preview is back so you can get a real feel for how your content will be shown in the app on different devices. Find a preview button at the top of every card editing page.


Introducing Locly Zones

When you setup your beacon devices on Locly they are split into 15 zones. This means that when the Locly app enters a beacon zone it will launch in the background and check if notifications need to be shown and perform a few other tasks. This is useful for a number of reasons; you can deliver more frequent and relevant notifications, and you can also track more accurately where a device is and therefore collate more useful analytics.

use Locly beacon zones for notifications and analytics

Buy Locly Beacons

The Locly platform works with most iBeacon devices such as Estimote, but we can supply them too.  You can now buy Locly beacons as part of any subscription package and they are supplied in boxes of 2 (large, rectangle) or 4 (small, round).  Please visit our new pricing page for more details.


Rename ‘Projects’ and ‘Places’

With Locly Organisations you can now invite others to join you in creating and editing content for your beacons.  But sometimes ‘Projects’ and ‘Places’ just isn’t right for your implementation.  So now you can introduce names that make sense to you and your team.  Simply go to ‘Organisation’ then ‘Manage Organisation’ and ‘Aliases’.  You can also rename your Locly zones too!


….and there’s more to come!

Look out for more blog posts on each new feature over the coming weeks.  We’re also working on new YouTube tutorials and user guides which will be available very soon.