iBeacon technology – a game changer

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iBeacon Logo and Locly Logo

The team at Locly has been fascinated with the potential of iBeacon technology ever since Apple’s subtle announcement at WWDC 2013 last year.

With our background in digital content publishing (www.bookry.com) we’ve since been working on a platform to allow content to be created and associated with beacons – an association that should be live and adaptive, allowing the right content to be at the right place and for the right audience.

We also wanted to democratise the creation of beacon content, so that anyone can make use of the growing range of devices and deployments in the beaconsphere, and get their stuff into the here-and-now.

The result is the Locly platform and its associated iOS App. You can learn more about the platform on our website – www.locly.com – and on this blog we’ll be covering some of its unique features and highlighting the great things our users are doing with the platform.