Locly Native: New App Builder for Android & iOS

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We’ve recently updated our website to reflect some changes in the Locly platform, namely the launch of Locly Native, our new easy-to-use app-builder platform with GPS, beacon and Physical Web support. The existing Locly platform has been renamed Locly Sandbox, and remains focused on enabling educators/trainers to deliver in-the-moment content to iPads using iBeacon devices.

We are hugely excited about Locly Native.  It’s perfect for anyone wanting to easily create a mobile app for Android and iOs with location and proximity support – iBeacon, Eddystone, Physical Web and GPS.  The platform uses React Native to ensure clean design and smooth transitions across multiple mobile devices and platforms. Exciting new Locly developments on this platform include Slack integration, and a new ‘Beacon Bot’ module for creating conversational mobile experiences. Take a look at the Locly Native webpage for a full list of features and watch an overview video on using the web-based editing screens.

With Locly Native, anyone can create a world-class, professional mobile app for their project, whatever it is – interpretation, tours & guides, open days, temporary and permanent exhibitions, events, soundscapes, treasure hunts & trails, offices & businesses, parents, small business, customer and loyalty schemes. Visit our new App Gallery page to see how Cadw, Gordon Highlanders Museum, Caerleon Roman Museum and others are using the platform to create some amazing mobile experiences.

Contact us now to get your free Locly Native demo account, which comes with a Demo App (pictured above), for you to use on your Android and iOS devices, or to discuss getting started on your project.

Note to existing Locly users: Logging into Locly with your existing account will take you straight to Locly Sandbox. Please get in touch if you want a Locly Native demo account. Thanks!