Place a beacon on an expert to encourage visitor interaction

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It’s a common assumption that beacons need to be stationery for their signal to be picked up by a mobile app. But this isn’t always the case. They can also be placed on moving things such as buses and cars……and also people!  With the help of a very basic mobile app you can use beacons to encourage interaction between people who are in the same place at the same time. For example, in a museum or event it can help make staff more approachable to visitors, encouraging them to chat and ask questions and therefore make their experience more memorable and rewarding.

Digital Icebreakerjune_expertscreen

With the app on their device a visitor will be able to see when an available member of staff/expert is near to their exact location.  They can either see a full list of people, highlighting the ones who are nearby (light blue in the image), or just show those who are within range – the exact behaviour is up to you really. They then tap on the person to find out more about their particular area of expertise, together with a few icebreaker questions, thus giving them more confidence to walk up and chat.

There are so many applications for this kind of simple proximity app which effortlessly connects people who are in the same place at the same time and acting as a sort of digital icebreaker. Here are just a few we can think of:

  • An expert at a Museum
  • A tour guide at a Venue or Attraction
  • Staff/speaker/presenter at an Event or Conference
  • A member of the sales team in a large Retail Store
  • A teacher/lecturer at an Open Day event…

…and there are many, many more.

4 Steps to a ‘Meet the Expert’ App

With Locly creating your own Android and iOS ‘Meet the Expert’ app is easier than you think.  It takes just 4 steps to get your project completed and in the app stores:

Step 1: Using the Locly cloud CMS and app template, create a card for each member of staff. Include a photo, details of their particular area of expertise and a list of possible questions you could ask. You can also link to their social sites like Twitter and LinkedIn, SlideShare and add PDF documents, video and audio.

Step 2: Next, link each card to a specific beacon device. This is easily done in the Locly CMS. It’s best to use a small beacon device that can be attached to a key ring and can be switched on and off (we can provide these for you).  These small beacons normally last about a year depending on how much they are used and can broadcast about 50 meters.beaconkeyring

Step 3: Finally, why not add some more content in your app, such as general information about your venue, a section for news and events or  your latest exhibition. The app can support pdf files, videos, images, text, interactive widgets and more.

Step 4: All that’s left to do is submit your app to the App Store and Google Play store (we can help you with this) so it can easily be found by your visitors.

Get your app ready for the summer season

If you would like to create your own ‘Meet the Expert’ app using our Locly Native template, please contact us for more details.  With Google Play and Apple App Store submissions now taking only a few days, there’s still time to get your app ready for this summer season, so get in touch!