Castle to ‘be finished’ over 700 years after it was built

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We had a great response yesterday to the launch of Cadw’s new digital iBeacon tour for Beaumaris Castle.  The digital trail includes a number of iBeacon hotspots, featuring atmospheric audio narrations and before and after images, and the trail perfectly complements the castle’s other new physical interpretations.

In a feature on ITV News, Erin Lloyd Jones from Cadw said “Any schools, children or families that come can experience doing things at the castle and if things are a bit more hands on they can have more fun and maybe stay a little bit longer”. Sir Richard Bulkeley, whose family has owned the castle since 1807, said “You make use of what the world provides in the way of technology….people don’t seem to be paying an awful lot of attention to history it seems these days, but it’s very important”.


Erin and her team used the Locly Native platform to create the digital trail within the Cadw app, together with a similar trail at Raglan Castle. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms and the digital trails only appear when visitors are within range of the castles’ entrance beacons. Read this blog to find out more about the app and how it was created. Thanks to everyone who covered the story, including ITV and BBC news channels, and also thanks to pupils of Ysgol Beaumaris who had great fun at the launch trying out all the new facilities!

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