Tiger Bay Tales App: Interactive walking trail for Cardiff Bay visitors

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We’re delighted to tell you about a new app we’ve helped develop for the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff.  The bilingual Android and iOS app provides visitors to Cardiff Bay with an interactive walking trail around the area, which was previously known as ‘Tiger Bay’.

At its peak, Cardiff Docks was one of the largest dock systems in the world; in 1907, 9 million tonnes of coal were exported. This project will permanently capture the rich, diverse and spirited history of Tiger Bay which lies within a shared ‘square mile’ of Wales Millennium Centre, before living memory is inevitably lost and further capital development changes the dynamic of the area.

The Tiger Bay Tales app guides walkers around the Bay, with beacons dotted along the route beaming unique audio and visual content about the area to their phone. Walkers on the trail are directed to key landmarks in the area, signposted by blue plaques. On reaching each plaque, a beacon will send digital content to the app, including audio narrated by community figures from Tiger Bay, historic photos, 360° panorama images and video footage, piecing together a moving narrative about the transformation of Tiger Bay over the years.


The app was created in just a few days by Locly and members of the Millennium Centre project team.  After setting up a template for the app on the Locly Native platform, individual collections were created for each beacon location. These were then populated with relevant content, including audio and video, 360° panorama images, interactive widgets and photographs.  Outdoor beacon devices are being placed along the trail which trigger relevant content in the app when a user is nearby.

Locly Co-Founder Rhys Jones said: “Visitors to Cardiff Bay are able to discover the fascinating history of the Tiger Bay community as they walk around.  The beacon app guides them to places that are off the normal track, therefore encouraging them to visit areas that they may otherwise miss.  Photographs and personal audio accounts help to bring each location alive, providing a truly unique experience of the locality.  Users who may not be able to visit Cardiff are not left out either, as they can experience a virtual tour through amazing 360° panorama photographs.”

Wales Millennium Centre’s Arts and Creative Officer, Jason Camilleri, said: “The beauty of the area known as Tiger Bay is a direct result of the geographical partitions that kept it separate from the rest of the city. It was in this square mile that a truly unique community was able to thrive, enriched by its many visitors from overseas. Often misrepresented to communities outside of its boundaries, one of the oldest multi-cultural communities in the UK, Tiger Bay can arguably lay claim to possessing Cardiff’s most interesting history.  Tiger Bay Tales is a project that aims to shine a light on the real Tiger Bay, concentrating on the true colour and character of the area, through the voices of the fantastic people that made it what it is today.”

You can download the Tiger Bay Tales app now from the App Store and Google Play.

Tiger Bay Tales is just one of many apps created using  the Locly Native app template. For more information on how you can get started, please get in touch with us.

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