First ever beacon on a Dragon!

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Following the recent launch of the new Cadw app, with beacon trails for Beaumaris and Raglan Castles, the latest beacon device to be setup must be the most inspired so far!

Cadw have already placed a beacon in an old medieval toilet on the Beaumaris Castle digital trail, but now one has appeared inside a dragon’s head! Cadw Heritage Interpretation Manager Erin Lloyd Jones explains more on her blog:

“You may have heard that I have recently been microchipping a dragon… And here is the proof! The ‘microchip’ I have inserted inside its nose is actually a Low Energy Bluetooth Beacon. In simple terms, this means that when you are within range of our dragon on the loose, new content on the Cadw App will magically appear! Our majestical Welsh Dragon on the loose landed at Flint Castle this weekend and is now touring Wales- coming soon to a castle near you…The first leg of the Dragon on Tour after Flint will see it landing back at Caerphilly Castle then on to Chepstow Castle. Leg Two will be announced soon on the Cadw website. So make sure you download the Cadw App to your smart phone or tablet today, ready for your encounter with our Dragon on the loose!”

You can read the full blog post here>