10 Great New Features for your Locly Native Proximity App

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We are delighted to announce a bumper release of the Locly Native app and platform this week, which includes some new functionality that will help make your React Native proximity/location app even more awesome than before!  So without further ado, lets take a look at some of the fantastic features now included in our standard app template:

1. Full Screen Images

You can now tap on any image in a card to go full screen. The user can then pinch and zoom to look at the image more closely, which is perfect for your photos, diagrams and maps.

2. Animated Gif Support

Make any of your collections or cards stand out by uploading an animated gif as a cover. Simple but effective, and brilliant fun!  Get your free animated gifs from Giphy or create your own using an app like Gif Grabber.

3. New Points of Interest Card Type

You can now place tappable Points of Interest pins anywhere on an image using this card type.  When the user taps on any pin they will see a card’s Title and Description.  Tap again and they’ll be taken to that collection/card.  There are lots of applications for this card – you can upload any photo/image to highlight things of interest, or upload a map to include ‘You are Here’ information and other directions.

4. Points of Interest added to 360° Panorama Card

This is exactly like the Points of Interest Card but in 360°! Upload your 360° panorama images to the Panorama Card (we love the inexpensive Ricoh Theta 360 Camera for taking photos), then use the picker to enter your points of interest on the image.  Use it to highlight objects in a presentation case, buildings in a landscape, or to create a virtual tour – how about joining up several panorama cards together using POI pins to create a ‘Streetview’ style virtual experience.

Example of a Selfie Card creating using Locly Native proximity app platform.5. New Selfie Card Type with Sharing

This new card is great fun and will definitely encourage user interaction and social sharing.  Upload any image with transparent areas to the Selfie Card template.  When the user taps on the card in the app it opens up in the device’s camera, ready to take a photo.  The user must then line themselves up with the transparent image to take a unique selfie. Or, they can switch the camera view and get someone else to take the photo for them.  The photo can then be shared using other apps on their device e.g. iMessage, Twitter, Slack etc.

6. Slack from the App Button

You can now link a button in your app to any Slack Channel. Place the button in your app and when a user taps on it, a notification is sent to Slack.  One example use case for this button is to ‘Call a Salesperson’ when in a store, but there are many, many more possibilities.

7. Grid & Horizontal Layout for Collections

In addition to listing your cards in a vertical stack (scrolling up and down) we’ve introduced two new Collection layouts.  The first, ‘Grid Layout’, shows your card cover images (no text) in a grid for the users to tap on an navigate to that card.  The second is ‘Carousel Layout’ which shows your card covers in a horizontal layout for the user to scroll through left and right – brilliant for creating image galleries or timelines.

8. Improved Proximity/Location Notifications

Our notification engine has had a complete overhaul, making it now much easier to manage and far more accurate.  Sending notifications using location/proximity is notoriously tricky but we’ve nailed it with this latest release.  You can now more accurately send notifications to users when nearby a beacon or GPS location.

9. Blanket Push Notification

Now you can instantly communicate with all your app users. Use the CMS to create a push notification to send out to all your app users. Give your notification a title, a description and choose whether to play a sound on opening.  One click sends the notification to the app on devices everywhere!

10….and there are some new icons too!

You’ll also see some new grey icons for the App Store and Google Play on your desktop screen (left hand side). Use these icons to enter your App Submission assets to help speed up the submission process and make it easier for us to do it on your behalf (if requested).

Now try them out…

screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-11-17-41All these features are now live on the platform.  If you are a registered user you can try them out now by logging in to your Locly Native account – you will also need to download a new version of the Locly Native preview app from the stores.

If you don’t have an account yet and just want to see some examples on your device, then you can download the Locly Native app from Google Play and the App Store, and scan in this QR code – the demo app, which showcases most of the features above, will appear on your device (phones & tables).

If you want to go a step further an have a play with the app and our CMS platform, then Register for your demo account.