Tutorial: Creating a Custom Selfie Card for your Proximity App

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Getting users to have fun and share their experiences whilst using your app is top priority, and we hope our new ‘Selfie’ card for Locly Native will help you achieve this.  You can create the card yourself quickly and simply using the online CMS – all you need is a demo app login  and a bit of imagination! Here’s a quick tutorial on how to add a Selfie card to your app:

Creating your image: You can use Photoshop or similar tool to create your images, saved as a transparent png. Or, there are some great mobile apps you can use to erase areas from photos on your camera roll e.g. Background Eraser for iOS and Android.

Creating the Card

  • Click on ‘Add Card’ and select ‘Selfie’.  Give your card a name and set the card status to ‘Preview’ so that you can view it in the Locly Native preview app.
  • Click on ‘Upload an Asset’ and add the image file, which is a picture of a diver’s helmet (download the image to use).

Screenshot: How to create a Selfie Card for your proximity app

Tap on 'image' to upload your selfie photo frame

Testing the Card

  • Open the Locly Native app on your Android (download from Google Play) or iOS device (download from the App Store) and scan your project’s QR code.  The app will then appear on the device and you can test out your new card.
  • You can take a picture of someone else, or change the camera orientation and take a selfie (that’s me in the photo, ha!).  To take the picture tap on the ‘Camera’ icon and tap on the ‘Share’ icon to bring up the sharing options for your device.

Example of a Selfie Card created using Locly Native for your proximity app

We hope you’ll agree that the Selfie Card is a great addition to the Locly Native standard features set – professional app functionality, that you can pin to any place or space using beacons and GPS. Here’s an example of how you could deploy the Selfie card in your app:

  • Pin the Selfie cards to popular locations using GPS or beacon devices.
  • Promote the name of your museum/attraction/school/event in the frame.
  • Add a notification to ping app users that a fun activity is available in the app at that location.
  • Encourage app users to share the photo using social media.
  • Include a link to your social site in your app for users to see their photos.

Why not have a go at this tutorial by requesting a Locly Native demo app account >
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