Mobile App Helps Ceredigion Visitors Discover Magical ‘Legends of the West’

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A new app developed by the Ceredigion and the Dyfi Biosphere Destination Partnerships, is helping visitors to learn more about the history of the region through fascinating local legends. The app was created by members of the Partnership using Locly Native – a self-service platform for building React Native mobile apps for Android and iOS.

The bilingual app, which delivers proximity (beacon) and location (GPS) specific content, tells the fascinating stories of 13 local legends, including the Nanteos Cup (thought to be the Holy Grail), Cantre’r Gwaelod (Wales’ Atlantis) and famous Welsh Princes Owain Glyndwr and Lord Rhys.

Legends of the West Selfie Cards

Legend stories are told through a mix of content including text, photos, maps, audio narratives and video.  The app also includes Legend themed games, 360 panorama photos and many of the Legends have selfie photo frames for users to share with friends on social media – visitors can disguise themselves as the notorious Welsh highwayman Twm Sion Cati, be transformed into a Ceredigion mermaid, and actually get to hold the precious Nanteos Cup in their hands! The app also uses Locly Native’s new ‘Poll Card’ to enable users to vote for their favourite Legend, then see a summary of all votes and find out which Legends are the most popular with other users. 

Legends of the West App Screenshots

The app was recently launched at the National Library of Wales with an exciting iBeacon treasure hunt, and coincided with the beginning of Visit Wales’ ‘Year of Legends’.  Speaking about the project, Councillor Gareth Lloyd of the Ceredigion Destination Partnership said:

“Ceredigion is home to legends such as Taliesin, known across the world and others like Cantre’r Gwaelod, the Welsh Atlantis, that have connections to world myth. In addition we have wonderful characters such as Twm Sion Cati and a wealth of story rich landscapes to share with our visitors and help add magic and mystery to their stay with us. We’re also very lucky to have The National Library of Wales here in our county, it is without doubt, not only the ‘home’ for Ceredigion’s legends, but for those of the whole of Wales. During this year of legends, together with tourism and cultural partners across the region, we’ll be bringing Ceredigion’s culture to life like never before.”

Further exciting content is currently in development for the summer tourist season, including the ‘Legends Challenge’, where app users are rewarded for collecting badges at each of the 13 legend locations – which is both GPS and beacon powered!

The app is now available to download on Google Play and the App Store.  If you’d like a similar app for your region, why not contact us and we’ll setup a demo account for you to try.