Beacon App Treasure Hunt Brings Legends to Life for National Library Visitors

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We thought we’d share with you a great new beacon treasure hunt that’s now live at the National Library of Wales.  The treasure hunt is part of a new proximity story app called ‘Legends of the West’ which has been developed by the Ceredigion and the Dyfi Biosphere Destination Partnerships. The aim of the treasure hunt is to encourage visitors to explore the library, whilst searching for a set of artefacts.  The precious artefacts included in the hunt are all linked to the Ceredigion legends featured in the app, including the Nanteos Cup, which is believed to be the Holy Grail and was kept nearby, many, many years ago.

The Library Legends treasure hunt was originally part of the Legends of the West app PR launch, held at the library in March 2017, but the library loved it so much, that they’re keeping it in place for visitors to enjoy!  You can watch the YouTube video above to see how it works, but here’s a short description:

  1. Visitors tap on the treasure hunt and are taken to an instructions card.
  2. They tap on the ‘Continue’ button to view a grid of artefact photos.
  3. Tapping on a photo brings up a clue, which also includes a link to a library map. (At the launch event, these photos were randomised so that attendees followed the clues in a different order).
  4. When they are within range of an artefact (and its beacon device), the grid photo is replaced with a nearby icon, inviting them to tap on it.
  5. Tapping on the photo brings up an information card for that artefact, which includes photo, text and links to other interactive cards like 360 panoramas and Selfie cards. (At the launch event, each team had to take a number of Selfie photos as shown in the main photo at the top of this page).
  6. From the artefact information card, the user then taps on ‘Back’ to return to the grid, where the ‘Nearby’ icon has changed to a ‘Found’ icon…and so on.

The bi-lingual treasure hunt was setup in just a day using the Locly Native CMS with ‘Discovery Grid’ card type, and beacon devices were added by entering the Major and Minor numbers into the CMS.  Following a bit of testing, the card was published in the live app ready for the launch event.

You can download the ‘Legends of the West (Chwedlau’r Gorllewin)’ app now from Google Play and the App Store. The Library treasure hunt can be found under the ‘Challenge’ section – you can see the grid and tap to see the clues, but you need to be at the museum to complete the grid, of course.  A similar treasure hunt can be seen in the Cardigan Castle app and other Locly Native apps.

Feel free to get in touch with us for more details on running your own Treasure Hunt using Locly Native, or register now for your free demo account.