Storiel Visitors Take a Guided Walk Through History

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We are delighted to tell you about a great new app we’ve been working on with the recently refurbished gallery and museum, STORIEL.  The app aims to help visitors get the most out of their visit by sending them on a digital guided tour of the building.  STORIEL contacted us with a number of aims for an app::

  • To share the amazing history of the building, which is the second oldest building in Bangor, plus details of the recent restoration project.
  • To encourage visitors to explore the whole building, not just to attend one exhibition or visit the cafe.  The building consists of 3 beautiful museum rooms as well as 3 large art gallery spaces, which are all now included in the digital tour.
  • To introduce visitors to the museum’s wonderful collection of artefacts in an engaging way and enable them to discover more about specific items on display.

Visitors to STORIEL can now access some amazing digital content using the app. By taking the guided tour they can learn about STORIEL’s collections through interactive images, photos, videos and fun activities. The app is a great way to share the story of this special building and their unique collection of artefacts. STORIEL has so much information to share, and what better way to do it than by using the smart devices visitors bring with them”.

Storiel App Features

Highlights of the app include stunning before/after photos of the building’s restoration project, plus interactive maps and panoramas through which you can learn about artefacts which chronicle thousands of years of Welsh history. The building itself dates back to 1400 and not many people know its importance in local Welsh history.

Families can have fun trying to spot the building’s resident ghost and can explore the building on the ‘magical’ Bluetooth treasure hunt. Everyone can get involved trying to complete the selfie photo challenge, where you can ‘hold’ an ancient Roman sword and share the moment with friends and family on social media.

Bluetooth iBeacon devices have been used to power the ‘magical’ treasure hunt, and have been placed in all public rooms in the museum to provide ‘Where am I’  location information to app users.  Using the beacons, the app can show relevant content for any given location, such as the ‘You are in Gallery 1’ floorplan.  The beacons, which are small battery powered devices that send a bluetooth signal to the app telling it what to show, are also used to trigger a welcome notification on arrival at the site.

Storiel iBeacon app Features

The app was built using the Locly Native app platform, which is a easy-to-use, self-service online platform for creating apps for Android and iOS device. All the interactive features mentioned in this blog were easily created using simple ‘card-type’ templates. So, after creating a custom theme for the app and carrying out some initial interpretation/content creation, Locly handed it over to the Storiel team for editing and updating – although the museum room content may stay the same, the gallery room content needs regular updates as exhibitions come and go. All editing is done using the simple online CMS, which can be accessed anywhere using an internet browser, and pushed out to the live app on people’s devices.

The app is available now to download on Google Play and on the App Store (just search for ‘STORIEL’) and all app content is included in the initial download so internet connection isn’t required when touring the building. Storiel also has free public WiFi, so new visitors can download the app after arriving, and share selfies with friends on social sites.

For more information on creating an interactive digital tour for your gallery/museum, please get in touch with us or one of our partners!