Locly Native Tutorial: Linking App Content to Beacon Devices

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In this video we show you how to associate content in your Locly Native app to physical beacon devices. This example uses a Locly beacon, but you can easily use other beacon devices such as Estimote or Kontact.io, and shows you how to (1) display app content in a particular order and (2) trigger a notification.

1. Ordering Content

The simplest use of beacons is to order content by proximity. By assigning each collection/card to a beacon, your content will automatically be shown to the user in order of proximity, with the nearest to the user’s device at the top of the list.  This is a subtle, but very effective use of beacons. The majority of apps built using Locly Native use this feature to ensure that the app user can immediately get the information they need exactly when they need it.

2. Triggering Notifications

With notifications you can send snippets of information to your app users either when the app is active (foreground), or when closed e.g. in a bag/pocket (background). Beacon devices can be used to trigger these notifications by proximity.  Again, by setting up a notification and assigning it to a beacon, a notification will be triggered in the app when it detects a nearby device. Many Locly Native apps use this feature to trigger ‘points of interest’ notifications and highlight something of interest nearby.  Tapping on a notification will take the user to some specific content in the app.

The video shows how these features can be setup and managed using the Locly Native online CMS.