iBeacons Reveal Hidden Fairies at Castell Coch

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We’re delighted to tell you about a delightful iBeacon project we’ve been working on with Mint Motion for the existing Cadw app. Using the Locly Native platform, Mint Motion have created an iBeacon augmented reality game for visitors to play at Cadw’s very own fairytale castle Castell Coch.

The game has been added as a new collection to the existing Cadw app which was also built using our platform. This new game uses Locly Native’s Discovery Grid card type – which is typically used for proximity/beacon treasure hunts –  but with the addition of a new augmented reality (AR) style camera view. So here’s how it works:

Cadw fairytrail screens

  • Visitors to Castell Coch will see the game pop-up in the Cadw app when they arrive at the castle (triggered by GPS). After following some simple instructions they are presented with a grid of 10 Welsh fairies to find in the castle building.
  • Tapping on each fairy in the grid reveals a map clue to its location and when an iBeacon is detected nearby the picture changes to an animated sparkle.
  • Tapping on the animation then opens up the device’s camera, which is used to find the fluttering fairy.
  • When the fairy is tapped on, a badge is awarded, and the captured fairy is shown as a coloured picture in the grid.
  • The visitor then needs to explore other castle rooms to find the remaining 9 fairies.

The fairy trail is fully bilingual and available as a bundle download so that internet connection isn’t required to run the game when inside the castle rooms. Free public Wi-Fi is also available at Castell Coch so visitors can download the app and/or the fairy trail bundle when they arrive. All they need to do is turn on Bluetooth!

The game is fairy simple (…ha, sorry) but fantastic fun, and is an excellent addition to Cadw’s existing iBeacon-lead visitor trails in Beaumaris and Raglan castles which went live last summer. We really enjoyed working with Chris Marshall and the team from Mint Motion and Erin Lloyd Jones from Cadw. Beacon devices were installed and provided by Locly hardware partners GCell and the new augmented reality view function has been added to the Locly Native platform as a standard app feature for other Locly users to include in their apps.

The game is now available as part of the main Cadw app from Google Play and the AppStore. Unfortunately though, since the game is proximity-powered, you can only catch the fairies when you’re within range of the beacons!  However, you can still download the app and game bundle to take a look – you can find it in the ‘Digital Trails’ section.

Watch out for more Cadw app developments in the coming weeks and please get in touch with us or one of our partners if you’d like to create a similar game to this in your app.

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Photo credits: © Crown copyright (2017) Cadw, Welsh Government