Getting Started with iBeacon Part 2: Your Device as a Beacon

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This is the second part in our 5 part video tutorial about getting started with the locly app and iBeacons. In this post we explain how to share your content with anyone nearby by turning your device into a beacon. If you haven’t already you might want read the first post about creating beacon content.

If you’ve got an iBeacon device in hand ready to go you might want to skip ahead and learn how to assign content to it. You can always come back and learn about this later!

Make sure you’re still logged in to the locly app and viewing your Places and Cards within your Project. From here we can make our device transmit the content you created. You need to:

  • Tap on the first card in any of your places
  • Tap on the Card Options menu icon.
  • Then tap ‘Transmit Beacon’ and select from ‘Transmit Immediate, Nearby or Far’



As if by magic your cards will now automatically appear in the locly app on any devices that are nearby! It’s handy to know that…

  • When you’re transmitting a Place you will see a small transmitting icon on the Place that you’re transmitting.
  • When you’re done simply¬†tap on the Card Options menu icon and select ‘Stop Transmitting’.
  • When you exit the app it will automatically stop transmitting this Place.
  • You can also access the Card Options menu by long pressing on a card.
  • If you’re not logged in, or the Project doesn’t belong to you the Card Options menu wont be available.



Benefits of sharing using iBeacon

Sharing content using iBeacon technology is great. It’s hassle free and can be used to share many different types of content at any time. The benefits over traditional methods are:

  • The sharing is persistent until you stop transmitting.
  • There is no need for sharing codes or emails.¬† People nearby don’t need to do anything except have the locly app on their device.
  • You can specify the transmission area from Immediate (all the devices next to you), Nearby (all the devices around a table), and Far (all the devices within range of the beacon).

Now that you’ve shared your first piece of content using an iBeacon why not take it on the road and instantly share a Keynote or PDF in a meeting. Or why not share an iTunes U course in the classroom. There are loads of places you could share loads of stuff! Tweet @locly and tell us how you’re sharing content!

In the next tutorial we’ll show you how to assign content to an Estiomote or locly iBeacon device.

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