Industrial History Meets Virtual Reality in Aargau, Switzerland

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We’re delighted to share with you news of a new mobile app developed using Locly Native by the Museum Aargau in Switzerland.

The Museum Aargau’s app, called IndustriekulTOUR Aabach,  brings the industrial heritage of Lenzburg and the surrounding area to life by immersing the visitor in a new dimension of reality.  Users can download the free app to their Android or iOS devices and follow three interactive digital tours. Two of the tours are in Lenzburg and the other in Seon, with further tours currently in development including in Wildegg, which will be available in the coming months.

In terms of industrial history, the canton of Aargau has a remarkable past. Over the past 300 years, Aabach has been the hub for many industries, some of which are still active today. Since 2007, the association Industriekultur am Aabach has presented the history of factories and companies in Seon, Lenzburg, Niederlenz and Möriken-Wildegg through interpretation boards with pictures and texts.

Now, with the introduction of a new digital tour, the Aargau Museum hopes to engage users of all ages via the smartphones they already carry in their pockets.  Their aim is to educate visitors about this important industrial past using audiovisual and augmented and virtual reality elements.

The app was built by Fabio Rudolf of the Museum Aargau – as seen in the YouTube above – using the Locly Native platform. Fabio customised the standard template with his own colours and branding, cleverly using the different cover styles to create a distinctive look and feel for the app.  Fabio also used the HTML card type with Tumult Hype files to create animated sequences, and virtual reality scenes.  Geolocation is used to pinpoint points of interest on native maps in the app, and proximity iBeacon devices are also used to trigger/unlock specific content along the trails.

In the app, users follow an interactive trail through 300 years of history, solving various tasks and puzzles along the way. Stories are brought to life with animated sequences, historical photos, documents, films and objects from private and public archives and collections. When a trail is completed, the user is presented with a reward in the app, which can be redeemed at the museum.

The app is available to download now on Android and iOS and you can follow the links below to find out more about this unique project.  Please get in touch with Locly if you’d like to build a similar app for your museum or heritage project.