Augmented Reality App Lets Visitors Peek Behind the Scenes at Millennium Centre

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This week we’ve been working on a new app for the Creative Learning team at Cardiff’s Millennium Centre. The aim of the ‘Job Safari’ app is to educate visitors on the range of different departments and jobs available at the Centre. The app follows a Scavenger Hunt format, using iBeacons to unlock content, and also includes Locly Native’s latest Augmented Reality feature to take users on a journey behind the scenes.

After downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play, users walk around the Millennium Centre foyer to uncover 8 zones, which represent different departments including IT, Graphic Design, Creative Learning and Digital Marketing.  At each zone they can view more information about the department, and watch a behind the scenes videos.

Augmented Reality Portal Transports Visitors Behind the Scenes

Also in each zone is a link to an AR portal.  Users tap on the portal image to open their device’s camera.  They then move their camera around until they find a nearby ‘portal window’.  Walking towards, and then through the window, transports them to an entirely different location in the building – giving them exclusive access to somewhere they would normally not get to see. They can explore their new surroundings through amazing 360 panorama photos and videos, before walking through the portal back to the foyer, to continue their tour.  The result is a simple but hugely effective experience for visitors.

This app shows how accessible AR technology has become for everyday mobile users, and app developers. The app was put together in just a few days using the Locly Native self-service mobile app platform, and is now live in the stores for iOS and Android devices. If you would like to create an AR app for your museum, venue, project, or organisation then why not get in touch with the Locly team to discuss next steps.