Take an Interactive Journey to the Top of Snowdon

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We’re excited to tell you about an app project we’ve been working on with Snowdon Mountain Railway.  The main aim of the app has been to enhance visitor experience  through an interactive app on the device in their pocket. You can find out more about the app in SMR’s official press release, but there are a few additional features we’d love to highlight – perhaps you could include these in your next app project?

SMR App Screenshots

Where Am I? Map

You can follow your journey up the mountain using a real-time map.  As you travel, a cute little train moves along the route, highlighting stations along the way.  Each station has it’s own collection of information cards, with history, interesting facts, before/after images, and a ‘What’s Nearby’ 360 panoramas with labels (see image below) – perfect for bad-weather days when all that’s visible are clouds! The map is powered using a combination of iBeacons and GPS positioning.

Hunt the (QR Code) Dragons

The SMR app also has a fun QR code Dragon Hunt to keep younger travelers amused whilst waiting for their train!  The Locly platform allows you to create iBeacon and GPS powered treasure hunts using the Discovery Grid card, but QR codes were chosen in this instance due to the close proximity of the hunt locations.  Users tap on the dragon to begin the game and then tap on a number to reveal each clue.  At each clue location, there is a small dragon/QR code to be found, which unlocks the location.  There are 6 to be found, which are hidden across the Llanberis Station forecourt – finding all the dragons reveals an exclusive selfie photo frame.

Magical Summit Portal!

The SMR app also uses our 3D Scene to transport users from their location to the top of the mountain! Users tap in the app to open their device’s camera and look around to find the window. When they’ve found it, they walk through the window and find themselves at the top of Snowdon (a 360 panorama image).   Looking around again will present the window, which they walk through again to return to their location.  Simple but really effective and great fun!

SMR Panorama with Labels

3D Snowdon Model

The SMR app uses our 3D Scene Card to place a 3D model of Snowdon in the app.  Users tap in the app to open their device’s camera. They then align their camera with a flat surface e.g. table, and the model will appear.  The user can then walk around the mountain to explore it in more detail.

iBeacons at Snowdon Stations & SMR Trains

Snowdon has used a number of iBeacons to trigger content in the SMR app.  There are around 20 iBeacons used in the app, with the highest being at the summit – 1085 metres above sea level! There is an iBeacon at each station from the base to summit, which triggers the ‘Where Am I’ interactive map. Also, as each train and carriage has a story to tell, there are also iBeacon devices on all trains and carriages so that users can learn more about the train/carriages that are nearby i.e. the one they are travelling on, or passing by on their journey. Finally, there are iBeacon devices in the Llanberis Station forecourt and at Hafod Eryri (summit building) to trigger welcome notifications.

SMR App Screenshots

Also in the App….

In addition to the content above, app also includes a downloadable album of clear day photos – one tap and they’re all in your camera roll – a collection of Snowdon Railway Summit photo frames, an eclectic selection of SMR stories to keep travelers occupied on the way down (including an Ivor the Engine animation) plus information on SMR’s unique fleet of steam/diesel engines and historic carriages.

The app is available to download from the App Store and Google Play, just search for ‘Snowdon Mountain Railway’.  The ‘Interactive Journey’ content is only available to paying customers via a QR code, but please get in touch with us if you wish to try out any of the special interactive journey features.