Augmented Reality Book Cover for Locly Partners Monkie

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Take a look at this awesome project by Locly Partners Monkie.  The creative agency used the Locly Native platform to create an amazing Augmented Reality cover for their latest book, ‘Little Outlaws: Robin Hood, Who’s He?’.  The book is a time travelling adventure story from Robin Hood’s Little Outlaws, including Robin the Squirrel, Marian the Rabbit and Tuck the Owl.

Readers simply install the book-app on their Android or iOs device, and then hold it over the cover of the book to see it burst into life!!

The app also includes additional fun content for little readers including a section on the book’s  characters, plus some interactive games and puzzles. You can find out more and purchase a copy of the book from the Little Outlaws website.  The app is available for free from the App Store or Google Play,

Get the Robin Hood’s Little Outlaws app!