Getting Started with iBeacon Part 5: Creating a Simple Treasure Hunt

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In Part 5 of our Getting Started guide we show you how you can create a simple treasure hunt using the locly app and three physical iBeacon devices. So after following the steps described in Part 1 of this tutorial series, here’s what you need to do:

1. Setting up your places and cards:

  • In the app tap on ‘Create New Project
  • Create your first place in your new project. This should contain the first clue and be instructional on what to do. To make sure users can always see this place make the visibility on it “Shown”.
  • Next create 3 more treasure hunt places in that project. Place 2 and 3 will be more clues and steps in the treasure hunt and Place 4 the finish.
  • In each place create at least one card. You may want to upload a cover image and add some content content e.g. the text clue, image, widget etc. Don’t forget to publish each card when you’re happy with it!




2. Assign places to the physical beacon devices:

  • Tap on the second Place and then the options icon.  Select ‘Assign to Beacon‘ and select the beacon you’re going to place at your first clue location.
  • Next select ‘Assign Indefinitely‘ and then ‘When Visible‘.
  • Repeat for beacons 3 and 4.


Quick tip: If you go back to ‘Projects‘ in the sidebar, locly displays the number of nearby beacons detected, in this case ‘3 Beacons Nearby‘ and long-pressing on this link will bring up a list of the beacons.  If you place a beacon next to your iPad you can tap on that beacon at the top of the list and rename it from there.

3. Linking place 1 to the treasure hunt

  • Tap on the number 1 place and then select the options icon.  Choose ‘Edit Place
  • Find the ‘Treasure Hunt‘ section in the place settings and check the box next to ‘This place is part of the treasure hunt’. This will bring up some settings that will control how the treasure hunt will work.
  • Under ‘Next Place‘ tap on the drop down to reveal all the places in this project, and select Number 2 from the list.




4. Linking places 2 and 3 to the treasure hunt

  • Tap on the number 2 place and then select the options icon.  Choose ‘Edit Place
  • Check the box next to ‘This place is part of the treasure hunt’.
  • Un-check the box next to ‘This is the first place
  • This will automatically change the visibility to ‘Strictly Nearby‘ which ensures that the user will need to be right next to the beacon to see the next place. By leaving this visibility setting as ‘Strictly Nearby’ the user will need need to see all the places in sequence to complete the trail.
  • Repeat for the number 3 as above but select ‘Congratulations‘ from the ‘Next Place‘ list.
  • Finally repeat for the Congratulations card but select ‘None‘ from the ‘Next Place‘ list.


And that’s it!  If you’ve got some beacons to hand then why not have a go at creating your own treasure hunt.  If you’d like to order some beacons then please contact us.

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