Getting Started with iBeacon Part 4: Creating Content from Other Apps e.g. Notability

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So far in the series we’ve learned how to create content for your iBeacon, use your device as a beacon and assign content to your iBeacon powered devices. Now we’re going to quickly create some content by sharing it from another app. In this example we’re using Notability, but you can use other apps such as Explain Everything, Evernote, Google Drive and many more!

Make sure you’ve been following the steps in the previous tutorials and you’re still logged in to the locly app on your device.

1. Sending the content to locly

If you’re using a different app, this step will be slightly different.

  • Open Notability and go to the file you want to use.
  • Tap on the ‘Share’ icon, select PDF
  • A popup will open where you will see the locly app listed along with other apps on your device. Choose locly.



notabilityloclyicon2. Placing the PDF in the locly app

The locly app will open up shortly and you’ll be able to choose where you want to place the PDF from notability.

  • Select the project and place where you want the card to appear or you can create a new Project or Place from here.


notabilitycreateplace3. Viewing your PDF in locly

Now that you’ve chosen your Project and Place, the app will do all the hard work by creating the card. You can of course make more customisations to it so it suits your needs

  • Select ‘Edit Card‘ to change its title and upload a cover image.


And there you have it – a new card in your project from another app in less than a minute! Once you’ve shared it, users can tap on the card to view the PDF and even open it back up in Notability.


You could use this to share files with locly or to curate a Project or course. If you’ve got lots of content already in another app this makes it easy to grab the content and put it all together. You can even use apps like Google Drive to bring your content in from the cloud.

It’s handy to know that…

  • Locly supports lots of different file types, from PDFs, to Movies to iWork files. You can share them all in the locly app.
  • You can continue to edit this card online, or by using the card menu in the app.
  • Lots of apps available on the App Store have the ability to share content you create

Have you found an app that lets you share content with locly in a way you never thought you could? Let us know on twitter @locly! In the next tutorial we’re going to create a treasure hunt with nothing more than a few taps.

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