Locly talks to BBC about the ‘Internet of Things’ for out-of-town locations

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locly talks beacons, sheep and internet of things on BBC Locly Co-founder Rhys Jones joined an interesting discussion with the BBC today about a new project that plans to connect farm animals, and other country things, to the each other and the wider internet. The project is being carried out by scientists at Lancaster University  in collaboration with Bangor University over the next 18 months, and will be looking into problems ranging from flooding and agricultural pollution to animal movement and drought, with technology potentially providing crucial data.

Project lead Professor Gordon Blair said that Internet of Things technology could be a major boost the countryside.”The countryside faces challenges of its own, from subtle environmental changes to catastrophic events such as flooding. The possibilities of bringing the Internet of Things to the countryside are limitless. The next step will be to identify exactly what will be of most use in the short term and how we will frame the project.”

Locly joined the discussion to talk about the possibilities (e.g. placing beacons on animals for monitoring), and to help explain how the ‘Internet of Things’ can work in real-world environments, ranging from homes and cities out to the rural countryside.

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