Sending a Blanket Push Notification

Blanket Push Notifications are sent to ALL app users.

Testing: To test your notification in the Locly Native app only, switch the toggle to the ON position. This will be sent out to everyone who has the Locly Native preview app and has scanned your app QR code, but not to users who are you using the app that you have published to the App Store or Play Store.

  • Send Push Notification Screen: To open this screen, click on the ‘Push Notification’ icon in the left-hand icon bar. (It looks like a message bubble with an exclamation mark in it.)
  • Lanugages: Under ‘Audience’ select the language you want to send a notificaiton to (see notes on language below).
  • Content: Give your notification a title.
  • Body: Give your notification a description.
  • Pick Linked Item: Click on this button and select either a ‘collection’ or ‘card’. The user will be sent to this when they swipe/tap on the notification. (Note: Ensure that these items are set to ‘Public’ in the CMS and are visible in the Live app.)
  • Play Sound: Click to the ‘ON’ position if you want your notification to trigger a sound on the users device.

About Push Notifications and Languages

  • If your app has multiple languages, you will need to send out individual notifications for each language.
  • When you send a push notification in a language e.g. ‘Swedish’ it will be delivered to all users who chose ‘Swedish’ when they first launched the app.