About Cards and Collections

Locly Native Card Ypes

What is a Card?
All Locly Native apps present content as Cards. You can create as many cards as you like in your app and there are currently 17 different card types. Imagine them as pages in a book or pieces of paper in a filing cabinet. Cards can be linked to Notifications, Beacon devices, and GPS locations. You can also control their visibility using rules.

What is a Collection?
You can organise your cards in ‘Collections’, which are like chapters in your book, or folders in your filing cabinet.

Linking Cards and Collections
You can link to a Card or Collection as many times as you like in the app – one ‘About Us’ card can be included in several Collections e.g. ‘Our Company’, ‘How to Get in Touch’ etc. Similarly, one Collection can be accessible from within other Collections etc.

NOTE: It’s worth planning your linking in advance. Try not to include too many levels of linking (linking within cards and collections) so that your¬†user doesn’t get lost. Perhaps only have one or two levels deep in your app, so that going ‘Back’ a couple of times returns the user to the top-level.