Quick Guide to Card Types

Locly currently has 17 different card types, with more coming soon. The majority have easy to use point-and-click editors. To achieve more complex behaviour a select few require a small amount of JSON editing. Here they are, with a short description of their uses:

  1. Audio: Play an audio file. The card has a full screen image, with audio controls at the bottom. Ken Burns effect options for using multiple/timed image display.
  2. Before / After: Upload two images for the user to swipe between them. Options for swipe-bar orientation and colour.
  3. Content: Use to create a general card with text, image, image gallery, audio, video, links etc.
  4. Discovery Grid (JSON editor): Create a beacon triggered Treasure Hunt for your app.
  5. HTML (JSON editor): Use to create custom card types. See documentation for more details.
  6. Image: Upload an image to be displayed full screen. User can explore with pinch/zoom options.
  7. Link: Add any link e.g. URL to this card. When the user taps on the card the website link is opened in the devices default web-browser (outside of the app).
  8. Loyalty (JSON editor): Use to create custom loyalty schemes. See documentation for more details.
  9. PDF: Upload any PDF to display in the app. When the users taps on this card the PDF is opened inside the app for them to explore using scroll/pinch/zoom. Includes sharing link.
  10. Panorama (POI JSON editor): Simply upload any 360 panorama photo for the user to explore, portrait or landscape. Option to add images, icons, and links (card, collections, web) using the simple JSON editor.
  11. Points of Interest: Upload any image then add Points of Interest icons. Add a title, description and links to cards or collections. Use for tappable maps and diagrams.
  12. Selfie: Upload a Selfie frame (image with transparent area) for the user to snap and share with others. Use to help promote your app via social networks.
  13. Video: Upload a video to be displayed in the app landscape or portrait.
  14. Website: Add any URL to this card. When the user taps on the card the website will open INSIDE the app (unlike the ‘Link’ card). Use to link to websites, contact forms and feedback forms.
  15. Widget: Upload custom widgets e.g. Bookry widgets.
  16. YouTube: Add any YouTube link. When the user taps on the card the YouTube video will open up full screen.
  17. Poll Card: A custom card available on request to allow real-time voting via the app, with instant results.