Adding Items to a Content Card

Card Settings

  • Name: Give your card a name: This will appear in the app in the top toolbar.
  • Internal Reference: Additional name or ‘nick name’ for your card for internal use only.
  • Background Colour: Change your card’s background colour by tapping on the link and selecting a colour or typing in a hex code.
  • Publish Settings: Change your card from ‘Draft’ to ‘Preview’ if you wish to see it in the Locly native Preview app on your device.
  • Bookmark Tool: Select this is you want users to be able to add this card to their Bookmarks.

Adding Content

  • Advanced Mode: Turn this ON if you want to add your own styles to your items. Leaving Advanced Mode OFF will automatically add your app’s default styles to your items.
  • Add a new content Item: This is how we start adding content to your card. Content is added in item blocks. To add a new block, tap on the ‘Add Your First’ and select the content type from the dropdown.
  • To add another item block, tap on the + symbol on the item block you just created. This new block will be placed underneath the previous block and so-on.
  • You can change the order of the item blocks using the up and down arrows on the block.
  • Continue this process until you’ve finished your content.

You can add more content by switching the Advanced Mode toggle to the ON position. Find out more about this in a seperate post.