Draft, Preview & Publish Process

5steps_reloadPreview using the Locly Native App
As soon as the blank app is in your account – even before you’ve started playing with the theme or creating content – you can preview it on any Android or iOS device.  All you need to do is install the free Locly Native app on your device and scan the unique QR code for your app (Available on the left-hand side of the editor screens). Anyone with the Locly Native app and your unique QR code can see the app whilst in development – very handy for giving demos and sharing projects with clients and colleagues. Agencies with multiple apps in development can view them all using this one preview app. If you don’t have a device to preview on, there is also a handy web-view in the editor for you to view (cards only). Any changes you make in the online editor will appear in the preview app when the ‘Reload’ button is pressed.


Draft, Preview and Publish modes
What content you see in the app will depend on its status: ‘Draft’, ‘Preview’ and ‘Publish’. When you create a new card/collection it will be set to ‘Draft’ mode by default, so you can see it in the editor, but not in the preview app.  To see it in the preview app you need change the setting to ‘Preview’ which will make it visible to anyone with the Locly Native app and your unique QR code. When you’re happy with your new content, simply change the status to ‘Publish’ and it will be included in any new version of the live app.