Location Tab

5steps_beaconCards and collections can easily be pinned to specific locations using either Geolocation by placing a pin on a map in the editor) and/or iBeacon devices (by adding the beacon UUID, major and minor numbers).  In addition, every card is automatically given a Physical Web URL which can then be assigned to any Eddystone beacon, and therefore picked up by nearby Android devices (and iOS devices if they have the Chrome app installed). This link, together with other settings can be found under the ‘Location’ tab.

If cards or collections are given location information they are automatically placed at the top of any list. They will also automatically be ordered by proximity, with the nearest at the top. However this can be easily overwritten on a collection basis if needed. Cards/collections with ‘Info Card’ cover styles will automatically display the distance on the cover too, indicating distance to that location to the end-user.