Publishing your App to the Stores

5steps_publishThe submission to theApp Store and Google Play can be done by us (for a small fee) or you can do it yourself.  There’s a little bit of preparation work to do before publishing for the first time. You will need some extra bits and pieces, such as an app icon, app description and screenshots.

You can upload much of this information to the online editor which will help speed up the process.  After logging in to your app in the CMS, look for the grey Apple and Android icons in the left-hand menu bar. These will take you to an area where you can enter you app details and upload files. Here is a quick checklist for straightforward publishing:

At the App’s Top Level screen:

  • Upload your app icon.  This must be square 1024 x 1024, 72dpi, with no rounded corners.

Under the ABOUT tab:

  • Give your app a title
  • Write a short description for your app – less than 80 characters (Android only)
  • Write a longer description for both stores
  • Choose your primary and secondary categories
  • Upload a title banner for your app – dimensions 1024px by 500px (Android only).

Under the ‘SCREENSHOTS’ tab:

  • Upload 10 phone screenshots (5 for Android, 5 for iOS)
  • Upload 10 tablet screenshots (5 for Android, 5 for iOS).

Under the ‘CREDENTIALS’ tab:

  • Enter your Username and Password for both Google Play and the App Store.

The approval process for Android Apps on Google play is a few hours.  The App Store can take anywhere between 2 days and 2 weeks (worth bearing in mind if you’re on a deadline).

TIP: Submissions to the Apple AppStore are processed by a human, so there is a chance that your app may be rejected. One way to avoid rejection is to ensure that there is plenty of good quality, relevant content in your app. Demo apps, test apps, sales/marketing/advertising apps, notification triggering apps, will almost certainly be rejected.

Once the app is in the stores you can easily push updates to it at anytime by clicking the ‘Publish’ button in the editor (see screenshot above) without having to go through the approval process again. Please contact support if you need help with your submission.