Introduction to Notifications

5steps_notificationNotifications allow your app to send the user a snippet of information either when the app is active, or in the background e.g. in a bag/pocket. Locly Native notifications can be split into three types: Blanket Push, Beacon and Geo. Blanket ‘push’ notifications can be sent out to all app users at anytime via the online editor. iBeacon notifications can be triggered when a device interacts with a beacon and a Geo notification will trigger when the device enters/exits a geofenced zones.

It is generally advised that you use app notifications sparingly and only when/where relevant to avoid annoying your users! Locly Native users are successfully using notifications to inform app users that they’re nearby a point of interest to deliver specific special offers, to request feedback, to promote an important event and to advise on any app updates.

Blanket ‘push’ notifications are sent out by clicking on the ‘Speech Bubble’ icon in the left-hand menu bar.  Beacon and Geo notifications are set up by clicking on the ‘Notification’ tab in the top blue bar (as in the screenshot above).