Creating a Map from a Collection

Creating a Map from a Collection
See an example of this in the Locly Native demo app.  From the main menu tap on ‘Map Features’ then ‘Collection Map’.

When you tap on this collection a map will be shown instead of the collection’s card covers.  It is very straightforward to do:

  • Either: Create a new collection and add some cards – the cards will be shown as the pins on your map.  The cards can be any card type, as long as they have a geolocation in the ‘Location’ tab. Or, duplicate the Collection you want the map for.
  • In the collection screen, tap on ‘About’ and then ‘JSON’.
  • Next, find “display” at the top and and change it to the following using copy/paste:
 "display": {
 "map_initialRegion": {
 "latitude": 53.205468,
 "latitudeDelta": 0.1,
 "longitude": -4.182361,
 "longitudeDelta": 0.1
 "mode": "map"
  • Then, change the latitude and longitude to be the central location of your map, and change the Delta to set how much of the map to want to show around that lat/long point.
  • Link to the map collection in your app and then preview on your device using Locly Native.  Change the delta if needed.
  • You can add any cards to this collection and they will automatically appear as pins on the map.
  • When the user taps on a pin it will show the card name and description. Another tap then takes them to the card.
  • You can place a link to this collection map in the top right-hand corner of the app toolbar.  See this guide.